The Osmonds

By: Angela Smith, KnotFM

In the 60’s we had the Beatles. in the 70’s The Osmonds attracted a similar following and some of the family made it as solo performers as well. Many years on the music stands the test of time.

Jay Osmond, the band’s drummer provided the script starting from finding fame on the Andy Williams show to a split and then a band  reunion. The narrator who takes the part of Jay provides the thread and insight into the family life. Some information shared was new to me but the songs remain timeless. All the tracks you expect are presented including solo numbers by Marie and Donny. The acting you would assume to be good, but vocally the performers are spot on.

The plot moves along at just the right pace and is pitched well. You go to a musical for well, the music of course and even non Osmond fans will enjoy the songs. From a barbershop quartet to global acclaim it is some story. A family of strict discipline to a world of colorful costume. Alex Lodge as Jay shows good humor and provides an excellent performance.

A really feel good evening with humour and drama and more importantly great entertainment, something that the Osmonds provided along with the  world’s best.

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