The Addams Family

By Angela Smith, Knot FM

Having watched the cartoons about this ghoulish  family I was looking forward to seeing the stage adaptation. The proposed marriage of Wednesday, daughter of Gomez and Morticia, to Lucas from a “normal” family is the basis of the show but so much more occurs. The opening in the graveyard sets the scene for fine vocal performances and a high energy production.

The more memorable songs happen following the interval. Joanne Clifton, looks the part and performs her songs excellently. Uncle Fester, played by Matt Slack has a fine voice and is an audience favourite with his cheeky humour and charm. Carol Ball as Grandma (she is mad in a nice way) and Ryan Bennett as Lurch ( my favorite character as a child watching on TV) exhibit great vocals too.

Clifton and Blakely are just perfect as Morticia and Gomez. The final dance sequence between the partnership serves as a timely reminder of Clifton”s dancing ability. Ahmed Hamad is full of energy and is a great foil for Wednesday played by Kingsley Morton, what a voice she has! Grant McIntyre plays Pugsley and really warms your heart.

The set and costumes are outstanding as is the orchestra. The violin playing is superb and they certainly help make the show along with the Ancestors who exhibit great talent as they dance through family scenes of the past.

A word for “Thing”, the disembodied hand performs useful functions for the family and is a fine “handservant”.

As Lurch says watch this show and you will “move towards the darkness and smile” This is a fine production you should not miss. From choreography to vocals, a bit scary, very funny, great set, great theatre !

Addams Family runs from 29th March -2 April 2022