Eric’s Christmas Turkey Sees Favourite Return To New Vic

Loveable rogue ‘Eric’ is back at the New Vic this festive season, as David Graham Productions bring a fun-packed Christmas show to the stage. Eric’s Christmas Turkey is stuffed full with sensational 60s songs and hilarious comedy and is on stage from Monday 28 November to Saturday 10 December.

When Eric sees his local Amateur Dramatic Society are looking for men to take part in their Christmas production, he realises they must have an excess of women. As ‘an excess of women’ is Eric’s idea of heaven he signs up. However, double bookings of the rehearsal space, an over-enthusiastic Producer who is also the Director, Writer and Star of the Show (who would do a thing like that?) and the arrival of Bev to spoil his fun are all just the start of a disastrous production.

Add to this 85-year old Miss Baskeyfield playing the juvenile female lead, four members of a pop group who don’t even want to be there and a sound man who appears to be doing his own show and things quickly go from bad to worse.

Will Eric save the day and get a festive five-star review or will he be the reason the local papers rate the play a ‘turkey’? Whatever happens, the show must go on! Eric’s Christmas Turkey is the perfect way to really kick off your festive celebrations.

Show producer and performer David Graham said: “Eric’s Christmas Turkey is a reworking of a show we did back in 2013 where Eric joins an amateur dramatic society and ends up performing the lead role in a play which goes wrong in just about every way possible.  We’ve got a great cast for this one and the second act makes us all fall about every time we do it.  It’s very funny and, as always, there’s some great 60s music as well with a number of songs we’ve never performed before.  You know, I read recently that three of the best ways to release endorphins (the hormones that make us happy) are to laugh with friends, listen to your favourite music and dance.  Come along and you’ll get all three in abundance!”

Eric’s Christmas Turkey takes to the stage at theNew Vic from Monday 28 November to Saturday 10 December 2022. Tickets are on sale now, priced from £22.00. For more information and to book call the Box Office on 01782 717962 or online at